"HISTORIC GOLD TRAILS OF THE COROMANDEL". by Tony Nolan, Wellington: Reed, 1977. – A guide to the goldfields & hardships of mining in the Coromandel in the C19th. B/w photos & illus, bibliog., index.

"COROMANDEL GOLD" by Phil Moore and Neville Ritchie, Dunmore Press 1996, - A guide to the Historic Goldfields of the Coromandel Peninsula which has a lot of background and maps of all the major Goldfields and associated information producing a practical guide for visitors to experience something of the 'magic' of the old mining areas from the surviving features.

"A HISTORY OF GOLDMINING IN NEW ZEALAND" by J H M Salmon published by R.E. Owen, Government Printer, Wellington, New Zealand, 1963. Probably the definative book on Goldmining throughout New Zealand. A government sponsored publication now available as a facsimile at circa $60 published by Cadsmonbury Publications Christchurch. ISBH 1 877151 48 3. Original editions $80 - $120

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The Coromandel Peninsula is famed for its history of gold mining and its unique landscape, both of which result from its geological history. This booklet explains current ideas on how the rocks of the region formed using the active Taupo Volcanic Zone as an example.

How the mineral industry in New Zealand has developed, the location and value of the main commodities that are mined today, and the environmental effects of mining, as well as how these are managed both while mines are operating and after mining has ceased.

The uses of minerals produced in New Zealand, and imported. Details on industrial minerals and how these are used.

How mineral deposits are searched for and investigated. Examples of mineral exploration in New Zealand.

Main mining and mineral processing methods being used in New Zealand.


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> Geology of Thames gold field

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